Light at the end of the tunnel

1 minute read


I am in search of the way Meandering paths lead me here today I am driving at the speed of sound Darkness in the air around

Ages passed in this tunnel now Will I see the end of it? Tell me how? Bumps strewed across the path ahead Gloom dancing to the silence of the dead

Herald foretold an end to the tunnel soon Said contentment lay ahead of the doom With hope in the heart and fists clenched I set forth in the rain of sorrow — drenched

Light at the end of the tunnel seems far today Got in this place only trepidation and dismay Shattered lay many hopes and dreams Endless blood and countless screams

Oh, I see a glare ahead! For me does the beloved light await? Sacrifices we made a while ago Will they suffice to take me Home?

Alas! The joy ephemeral The glint of a cracked mirror Gave hope only to take it away Tired, it’s been a long day

I still drive my car today Still wet from that rainy day Hope I have still Never deterred, never will

-Soutrik Bandyopadhyay